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Further to the post regarding dog control, the link below is a map to aid residents and visitors awareness of where dogs should be kept on a lead and where dogs are not allowed.

The Parish Council is confident that considerate people will recognize the safety issues of keeping their dogs on the lead in a car park and that an area where children play, should be out of bounds, unless it is a guide dog to aid a disabled person.

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The public footpath along the foreshore to Calder was closed on 13th March by Cumbria County Council until further notice.

The Parish Council has no jurisdiction in this decision. A map and the signed decision are attached for your information.

notice location plan

Sealed Order – FP COP 43(17) FP426009 in the Parish of Seascale


This document contains advice and information for the general public regarding data recorded by Seascale Parish Council’s CCTV Systems and the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.


Full details of the principles and criteria under which Council owned CCTV systems operate may be found in the CCTV Code of Practice from the website


All CCTV recordings are retained for a minimum period of 31 days. If no legitimate request for retention of the recording has been made, it is then erased or overwritten. All requests for retention of recordings are considered against the provision of the Data Protection Act and the CCTV Code of Practice. (Information on this website)

Recorded data will only be used for the purposes defined in the Code of Practice.

Access to recorded data shall only take place in the circumstances defined in the Code of Practice and the provisions of relevant legislation.

Recorded data will not be sold or used for commercial purposes or the provision of entertainment. However, in exceptional circumstances images may be released but subject to strict controls and with the approval of senior management

All data released shall remain the property of Seascale Parish Council.


The showing of recorded data to the public will only be permitted in accordance with the CCTV Code of Practice and the provision of the Data Protection Act 1998.

In every case, a written application in an approved format (application forms are available from SPC Data Controller C/o Seascale Library Gosforth Road CA201PN); clearly showing the reason(s) for the request is required.

A charge not exceeding the prescribed maximum is payable for each request to view recorded images.



If you do have cause to complain about any aspect of the Council’s CCTV Systems, please write to the Data Controller Seascale Parish Council C/o Seascale Library Gosforth Road CA201PN


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