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We are looking to compile a list of volunteers to help run the Library if and when it is handed to the Parish. Please send your details to Eileen Eastwood at 4 Santon Way, or hand them in writing to a Councillor.

With the sad passing of our friend and colleague Dai Morgan, the Parish Council wishes to continue the work that he started. As many of you will know, the village raised funds to supply Dai with a Quad Bike to make his work easier and more enjoyable. We would dearly like to continue making use of the vehicle and so we are looking for someone to continue Dai’s work and become custodian of the beach and the Quad Bike.

Please email the Clerk at or contact a member of the Parish Council if you are interested.

…it would be a good idea to sign up to their alert system. You should have had information from them already if you are effected by the recent expansion. Please don’t ignore it. Only a third of those effected have signed up, and you do not want your family over-looked in any evacuation. See their website for details.

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