By instruction from government all Parish Council meetings can only be conducted remotely, until further notice.

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on 2nd September.


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The latest relaxation in the lockdown procedure means local amenities can be opened to the public. However, there are still restrictions and the government guidelines require a full risk assessment to be carried out. Such an assessment has been carried out for the play areas. See link below.

Covid-19 Play Area Risk Assessment June 2020

The Library will remain closed. SPC acknowledge this is very disappointing for the parishioners who wish to use it. The reason it has not yet opened is because the Government guidelines for indoor amenities are far stricter and effectively restricts the purpose of a library. Further, our library collection and supply service is via the Whitehaven Library, which is also closed. The CCC Library Service are currently looking into the detail of the guidelines which also include a very extensive risk assessment, on behalf of all libraries.

Library update:

CCC have now completed the above and produced a recovery document which consists of 5 stages before a library may open. All branch libraries, which includes Seascale, are at stage 1 are unlikely to be able to open until well into the Autumn. There is also no date for the re-opening of Whitehaven Library.

The Sports Hall will similarly remain closed until further notice.



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