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Public meetings and rights update

By instruction from government all Parish Council meetings can only be conducted remotely, until further notice. The next Full Parish Council meeting will be held on 2nd September. 15_making_provision_for_the_exercise_of_public_rights_2019-20_-_exempt_authorities_updated_for_cv 2019-20_agar_sections1&2 website        

Seascale amenity update

The latest relaxation in the lockdown procedure means local amenities can be opened to the public. However, there are still restrictions and the government guidelines require a full risk assessment to be carried out. Such an assessment has been carried out for the play areas. See link below. Play area:: Covid-19 Play Area Risk Assessment

COVID-19 information – updates will be added to the top of the list on a regular basis

The attached links cover health, other COVID-19 procedures and information about a number of social media groups are offering help and support at a local level. 20200518-Copeland Directory of Community Support Issue 7-V1 20200608-Allerdale and Copeland Newsletter Issue 12- JW v2 Coronavirus in Cumbria – Helping in your local community-1 Infection Prevention

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