In response to Guy’s question, I understand that there is some support for an external tap on the toilet block. At the moment the PC is reviewing the water bill, as it seems very high. We are also looking to update the plumbing in the block in the near future, and this suggestion will form part of that deliberation.

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The closing date for submissions is the 6th February.

The Parish Council would like to express it’s gratitude to Mrs Shirley Walmsley who, after years of campaigning, has managed to convince Network Rail to fence in the line through the village. For whatever reason, Network Rail excluded Seascale from its works plan some years ago. Mrs Walmsley would like to acknowledge the help given to her by Mr Ian Croucher of Network Rail, who took our safety seriously and convinced his colleagues to do the same.

Mrs Walmsley is a credit to the village, and if we issued medals, she would get one!

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