The Parish Council do not normally meet in August. However, this year it will be holding a meeting on Wednesday 8th August to discuss the completion of the Foreshore Community Area and formal handover from a Charity back to the Council.

This will be a closed meeting because Charities are not subject to transparency protocols and Parish Council must respect these legal parameters.

The minutes of this meeting (except for any legal restrictions mentioned above) will be made available on the website.

The Parish Council take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the refurbishment work and what they have achieved.

Further to the post regarding dog control, the link below is a map to aid residents and visitors awareness of where dogs should be kept on a lead and where dogs are not allowed.

The Parish Council is confident that considerate people will recognize the safety issues of keeping their dogs on the lead in a car park and that an area where children play, should be out of bounds, unless it is a guide dog to aid a disabled person.

Dog Area Seascale-1


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